Longshore Worker Covered by the ILWU-PMA Welfare Plan?

Okay, if you’re a Longshore worker and covered by the ILWU-PMA Welfare Plan you have some of the most AWESOME hearing aid benefits on the planet! We’ve been helping Longshore workers with hearing aids since 1986. If you suspect hearing loss, call or text us today at 360-295-2860.

The ILWU-PMA Welfare Plan Hearing Aid Program covers 90% of the expenses incurred in connection with the purchase of a hearing aid. Included in the benefit are the cost of the hearing aid, the cost of batteries and other ancillary equipment provided at the time the hearing aid is purchased and the cost of service or repairs to the hearing aid.

Allied Hearing Aid Specialists Has Made Your Insurance Even Better

Allied Hearing Aid Specialists has made your insurance even better! We will waive the 10% co-pay for all ILWU workers and provide your hearing aids, batteries, and service at or beneath the program benefit ceiling, meaning you will pay nothing out of your pocket! 100% COVERED!

Allied Hearing Aid Specialists Will Provide

  • FREE* Hearing Exam
  • FREE* Hearing Aids
  • FREE* Clean and Service of Your Hearing Aids Every 3 Months
  • FREE* Hearing Aid Batteries
  • Waived Deductible

*(Free to the worker, billed to the insurance company)

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